Monday, October 1, 2012

How to Save Money on Family Photos

The simple answer is: take them yourself with a little help from a friend of course. This is how we've managed to get photos of ourselves: 

• When we got married we asked family and friends to get the photos. We have amazing memories of our special wedding day.
• We took this photo for Zeke's job. I asked a friend to get some extra photos of us after the photo shoot was finished.

• We went to an Easter egg hunt and asked friends to get photos of us and we got photos of their family.

• During our daughter's birthday celebration we got several photos of our family. It is smart to take advantage of birthdays or other family gatherings to take family photos.

• We haven't always had the best cameras ever, so we just make sure the light is good and we go from there.
QUESTION • What are your tips for saving money in family photos?