The Weekend in Instagram Photos

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My husband and I attended our first MOPS Couple's Night. The food and the conversation were great! I love it that Zeke got to see some of the ladies from the group and their husbands. He also saw where the kids stay while we are meeting.
I took advantage of the kid's early wake up time and went to the grocery store, ONLY to find out they were still closed. I went back to Starbucks and waited til they opened. What a lovely place to have some quiet time!
I made zucchini lasagna among many things when I returned from the store. You can tell I was doing too many things at once because of how dessert turned out:

 Burned! At least the lasagna was a hit.

I'm trying this new brand of coffee this week. It's a nice roast.
My husband gave me the afternoon off after church because I was very tired and not feeling well. I think the tiredness added to the cold the kids passed to me. He fixed me this great snack, chamomile tea and my kind of comfort food for dinner: rice, beans and chicken. Zeke's a great cook!

I stayed in bed all day watching different things. I have seen this movie a lot, so now I fast forward to the songs and sing along.
I woke up feeling more like a human being and much, much rested. As I was changing the baby for two minutes, my fantastic toddler left me this present. Toddlerhood is not boring at all!
I was very happy to find out that I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight. Now the work continues. I need to press on and arrive at a healthy BMI and thus eradicate the risks of obesity related diseases.
QUESTION • What were the highlights of your weekend?