NaBloPoMo: 2013 Goal Setting

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I don't want my year to be known by how busy it was but how fruitful it was. I want 2013 to be the best year for my family. I have had a difficult time setting goals while pregnant mostly because of my distorted view of resolutions. I used to think they were all about losing weight and things like that. Now, I think it's about personal advancement for the good of my family. I am starting to think of 2013 as a year where I simplify my life and make it more effective on a personal level.
I believe that my Christian marriage is the foundation of our family, so my goals are shared, discussed and set with my husband. The ideal place to do that is in a Marriage Vision Retreat. In case you can't fit that into your 2012 schedule, sitting down together and discussing personal, marriage and family goals is always a great thing to do. Here is what I am asking myself as I end 2012:
Personal/Family Commitments - who or what am I committed to? What are the specific ways in which these commitments happen?
Personal Goals - what do I want to accomplish personally?
Family Goals - what will our family accomplish in 2013?
The power of Goal Revision - once you set your vision for your family, it is very important to review them for a couple of reasons: accountability, encouragement, celebration and adjustments.  
My challenge for you and I is to start writing down our commitments and goals. When we look at them on paper, we will have an easier way to see what our priorities need to be.
QUESTION • When do you set your personal and family goals? What is your process like?
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