NaBloPoMo: Rest

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Matthew 11:28 sums up {Best Life} for me. Jesus says, I will give you rest. Resting during the holiday season guarantees the much needed joy this season is known for. It guarantees a sound mind in order to make better decisions. It guarantees that we will be fully present in this moment. It will give you a clear mind that can look back on 2012 and decide the direction for 2013. 
Don't be fulled with the business of the season, get some rest on a regular basis and see how much better this season can be.
I'm taking the day to rest and recover so that I can reap all the benefits from the Best Life God has for me. Jesus says 'I will give you rest.' Will you accept His gift?
P.S.: My friend Amanda told me that a good addition to yesterday's posts on holiday gifts we can all afford is the gift of rest. Give it to someone who really needs it such as a mom of young kids or a caretaker for an elderly parent.
What is this?

Amanda said...

I accept with all of my heart! Let's give to these tired mothers some rest!