NaBloPoMo: Beware of Toxic Blogging

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I am often tempted to practice "Toxic Blogging" but I keep saying NO! What can be qualified as Toxic Blogging? 
Angry Posts - you can tell the blogger is clearly angry about something and thinks they have no other way to vent. I usually go for a run when I am angry and try to talk to someone about my problem. When you write angry posts you are treating other people's minds as a trash can. It is okay to be angry as long as you do not use it for evil. I also try not to let the sun go down on my anger.
Posts that really should be Conversations - Some bloggers are not ready (or brave enough) to have an open conversation with someone about what is making them angry, so they blog about it. Having a conversation is so beneficial because it clears the air. Even if you agree to disagree, it is healthy to at least be heard by the one who has upset you. 
Defamation - practicing Slander or libel on a blog is also qualified as Toxic Blogging. Injuring someone's reputation is very toxic. The simple answer here is to take your issues face-to-face and resolve it. Involving thousands of people all over the world in your personal problems is not fair. There are better ways to use a blog other than spreading defamation. Another thing to remember about defamation is: you reap what you sow.    
Unresolved Hurts - I don't believe that time heals all wounds. I think that untreated wounds get worse with time. I don't enjoy looking at untreated wounds, much less reading them on a blog. Most people would encourage someone with an untreated wound to run to a hospital before complications kill them. Writing about unresolved hurts with no intention of healing is very toxic. I understand that not every hurt can be easily mended. It takes courage to blog about your journey to healing. It may take years of counseling, therapy, support groups or whatever else. It takes courage to get healing and readers can get inspired and learn from that.

My prayer is that I can spread hope as a blogger, no matter what. I am often tempted to practice Toxic Blogging but I will continue to say No for the sake of helping those of you who read my posts often. 
QUESTION • Have you practiced Toxic Blogging? How did it work for you?