NaBloPomo: Intense Day

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yesterday was quite an intense, yet refreshing day. I woke up at 5 a.m. in order to bake 3 casseroles: 2 for my MOPS group, and one for our house. Each week a group of us are responsible for the brunch and the ladies from my table outdid themselves! I made a maple sausage & egg casserole as well as a 'copycat' Cracker Barrell hashbrown casserole. Here's the spread at MOPS: 
 In the afternoon I went to my routine High Blood Pressure doctor's visit. I am still 'bonding' with my doctor, which means I keep trying to decide if I stay with her or if I switch to someone else. She remembered me (that's a big deal for me) and was super nice. She has an amazing amount of experience and is really for a natural approach of life instead of stuffing people with meds. She told me my blood pressure is good and all I need to do is keep doing what I am doing (losing weight, eating nutritions foods, exercising, avoiding stress like a plague). I have decided to stay with the nice doctor. 
 A few hours later I went to the Joyce Meyer Ministry conference at Lakewood church. It's my second time attending the conference and it was such a blessing. The worship time was amazing. Joyce preached on "Motives." She said what we do doesn't matter to God but WHY we do it. I got a lot of food for meditation. I love Joyce because she has blessed me so much with her ministry. I don't know if I will ever meet her but if I am blessed to meet anyone in her family I'm gonna tell them of how much this ministry has blessed my life. I do pray for her on a regular basis.
Everything happened thanks to God and thanks to my wonderful husband. He woke up earlier than I did and still managed to clean the house, take care of the kids and bring me Starbucks. I love being married to Zeke and I pray that I will make an impact in his life for the glory of God.
What is this?