10 Unusual Christmas Wishes

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

During this season we usually ask for material things. Here are 10 unusual Christmas wishes:

• Plenty health and strength to enjoy life's greatest treasure: family;
• Great determination to make dreams come true;
• A compassionate and giving heart. Not the money kind only but also time, attention and words of encouragement kind;
• Peace on earth but only if it begins in my heart;
• Healthy friendships and relationships of every kind;
• The ability to quickly forgive and to quickly offer forgiveness;
• The knowledge of who God created me to be. To fulfill my purpose to the fullest;
• Great laughs;
• The sensitivity to cry with those who cry and the ability to be there for the aftermath of loss;
• The humility to always seek Godly wisdom.

What is your unusual Christmas wish?