Goals for 2013: Why?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

If you have failed in making resolutions, you may cringe at the thought of setting goals for 2013. Let me tell you why it is important to set goals for the upcoming year:
1 • Opportunity will knock - I heard that once opportunity knocks, it is too late to prepare. When you set goals for 2013, you make sure that you can fully take the opportunities that will come your way. If your goal is to start a small business, once a blind investor comes by your way, you will be ready to take your business to the next level.
2 • Time will pass - there is no sadder thing than to look at wasted time gone by. When you set goals, you can be sure that each day counts, each month is spent wisely. If your goal is to save more money, each week will add to your savings account. The compound effect of your savings over 3 months is even more powerful when you look back at the work you have done. Looking back at 16 weeks of no savings is devastating. Your choice is clear my friend, set your goals and succeed, fail to plan and lose.
3 • Your influence will grow - I believe that people who set goals to improve their lives also improve the lives of others. Your goal setting highly influences the people around you. Whether you like it or not, someone is watching you and taking in the way you live your life. Your influence grows when you  stick with the goals you set for yourself. Goals can be amazing teaching examples. You will be able to share your experience not because you read it somewhere, but in first person basis. As your experience grows in the area of your goal, you will be a person of great influence for good. It all starts with the decision to set goals and carry them on.
I pray that I have convinced you that goal setting is one of the most important things you will do this month. Be aggressive in your thinking, planning and writing your goals. Talk about them with family, mentors and once 2013 starts, revise your goals often. Don't forget: opportunity will knock, time will pass and your influence will grow. Will you be ready to take on your own life challenge?
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