Post Vacation Workouts

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I finally understand what this means. I was pretty exhausted after our trip. I am trying to take it easy while getting back to normal. I'm resting while I can (even 15 minutes of shut eye will do) and exercising as much as I can. My plan to exercise while out of town did not work. I got 2 workouts in which is better than nothing. The gym did not offer free days if you were out of town, the park in town was completely empty of normal looking people and it was bitterly cold outside. I found myself lifting my toddlers as a way of getting some resistance training in but that got old really quick for them :)
Today was day 2 at the gym. It's never easy getting there but the feeling I get afterwards is amazing. I'm not waiting til January to get in shape. 
QUESTION • Have you set your fitness goals for 2013?