Major: Peace Minor: Relaxation

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I've blogged a lot about cultivating peace and I will continue to do so. After a looooong day, I needed to stay at peace. I decided to take care of myself so I got my hair done. I bought this thing for $1 by the way - thrift shops are amazing!
I did my own pedicure. That was extremely relaxing. It also gave me joy to have saved $30 bucks.
 I also relax by watching Netflix. Monk has been my fav show lately but I just got the 7th season of The Waltons in the mail.
At the end of those 2 hours I really felt awesome. What are some of the days you cultivate your peace? How do you relax best?
Amanda said...

One of the joys of having kids is to appreciate these little big things. Going to starbucks, watch the sunset, going to the mall if is for only 2 hours!