Exercise: Pre-planning Works

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This is me this morning before I started my workout. What pushes me to get up so early and do this week after week? My sponsors. We all gain when I exercise. Seriously, how might one find a reason to exercise day after day? It's worth thinking about your likes. 
If you are doing something you enjoy, you will more than likely stick with it. Whether you like to swim or to dance, there is a fitness option out there for you.
If you have fallen off the New Year's wagon, I advise you to write down your goals and the motivation behind them. Are there any significant reasons why you need to be fit? I found that being a healthy member of my family encourages me to keep going. I also think that my fitness can be a witness to my son and daughters. If you're still stuck, you may want to try this mental exercise: list your excuses and the positive solution to them. A good exemple is listed on Exercise: Getting Unstuck.
I believe that having a support system is also essential to exercise with success. Whether you sign up for  a class or find a running buddy, your support system encourages you to go on when you really don't feel like getting fit.
My number one advice is to start small. I advice you to find out what your minimum is when it comes to exercise. You will be thankful you did during your busiest or most stressful weeks. 
Motivation is not the main reason why I leave a warm bed in the morning and go exercise. It takes more than that. I think about my goal of being a healthier member of my family. I think about how great it feels to run 3 miles. I think about the benefits I will feel throughout the day. Pre-planning really gets me out of the bed: from writing down my goals to having my clothes ready to go. Motivation doesn't work without a plan. 
QUESTION: Do you practice pre-planning your fitness goals? Explain how.