3 Benefits of Weight Loss Rewards

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pretty flowers my husband
gave me yesterday!
I admire people who reward themselves. I know people who reward themselves by going on cruises, by having a ladies night out, by shopping... You get the point. Rewards coming from ourselves to ourselves are not always easy to accept but so necessary on the weight loss journey. I noticed that when I was on Weight Watchers I strived to do my best to gain a sticker or a paper clip as a reward. I had to leave the program before they awarded someone with a cookbook but I'm sure I'd have won it. Rewards do several good things for us:
1. Motivate - knowing that I have a reward coming really encourage me to keep going. Those paper clips from Weight Watchers were visual reminders that I was on my way to reaching my goal.
2. Guide - just like in a race, rewards can serve as guides to your finish line. I have 4 rewards coming to me. When I get to the last one (which is a day trip to a nearby town) I will be at my goal of having a healthy BMI. My first reward reminds me that I am making progress towards my goal.
3. Affirm - rewards can positively assert you because most people won't (or can't) do this for you. Rewards serve as confirmation that you are on the right path. They express agreement with your new, healthy lifestyle. Don't expect people to be your cheerleaders all the way. Relying on rewards mean that you will have a visual reminder of your progress.
I hope I have encouraged you to reward yourself! I am eagerly waiting for my first reward, I find out Monday if I reached it. I hope so because I know that my rewards motivate, guide and affirm me on this journey of health.
QUESTION: What are your favorite rewards?

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