Dirty Laundry: Bad Day

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yesterday was not my best day on earth. I made it through it and I am determined not to have the same kind of day today. I listen to a teaching on Boundaries very often and I know that I am the only person responsible for my attitude. Yesterday I did all I knew how and at the end of the day I chose to   just maintain a good attitude as well as get some rest. My awesome husband made my day by writing me this song: 

It's really challenging to have a good day when sleep deprivation is in the agenda. I also rather get lots of housework done than to rest but finding a good balance will always be a challenge for me.
Eating more than I should was also the case yesterday. I don't do this as much as I once did but I learned that stuffing (healthy) food in my mouth is no fix for a stressful day.
Thank God for another day. Today I tried to get back to normal and the thing is that the same challenges are waiting for me. My decision is to grow through a bad day and persevere as I mature in life.
As far as stress management is concerned, I went out for a run and I lifted weights. I started the day drinking way more water than I did yesterday. As far as the food is concerned, I am giving food journaling a try and writing down what I am eating. I don't like it but it makes sense at this point. My challenge is do it for 7 days. I started Monday, skipped yesterday and I'm back at it today.
My amazing husband (can't brag on him enough!) gave me some amazing help this morning with the house. Talk about helping me have a stress-free day!
I'm visiting a friend this morning and I am planning on getting some real rest too during nap time.
I did my devotional this morning but I am thinking abou switching to something more specific for a couple of days that will help me kick future bad days on the behind.
My life lesson is that I am not immune to bad days. I am responsible for what kind of reaction I will have to it tough. Today is a better, new day full of new mercies and I am thankful.
QUESTION • How do you manage bad days? Give me your best tips.