Vision Boards, an Evolution

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My health coach encouraged me to keep an account of everything that went into my mouth. I used to write it in this pretty journal:
Food Journal 2007
I also used to keep up with this little thing. I marked how many fruits, veggies, dairy, protein, etc I had for the day.

Food Journal 2007
Between pregnancies I tried to keep my writing habit going but it was really challenging. I used to post it on my refrigerator so I'd see it often. Notice the (ancient) photo of us with one kid only!
Food Journal 2009
When I joined Weight Watchers I also kept great notes on what I ate. They went a little further and encouraged me to dream a little higher. I was thinking beyond a number in the scale. 
Weight Watchers form from 2011
When I left Weight Watchers I decided to stick with what works for me. I slowly but surely lost the habit of writing down EVERYTHING I ate but I kept losing weight for the most part. I decided to have Vision Board but I enhanced mine a bit. I try to include my goal and how I am going to get there. I also include my weekly weight so that I can get encouraged with my progress:
Vision Board 2012
This year I decided to add my rewards for the year. It will be fun to have something to look forward to as I lose weight. Thus far my reward has been to fit in pre-pregnancy clothes.
Vision Board 2013
I believe that everyone's Vision Board should be special and taylor made. What motivates you do not motivate me, that's one of the reason's why everyone's boards should be different. I called this post an "evolution" because I moved from a strickt form to a freer approach to weight loss. Yes, I could write down every single thing I eat on my diary but I decided to do without an extra stress in my life. I have also decided that I will not write down everything I eat for the rest of my life, I will learn how much I'm supposed to eat in order to live a healthy life. I learned a lot from writing things down in the past but currently I feel like writing down my exercise, having a vision board and eating a healthy diet is all I can afford and is giving me results. That's the magic word my friends, results. Vision Boards are worthless if the board's owner is not doing the work that gets results.
It started in my mind. It had to be renewed. All the other fun and glittery stuff just makes my journey prettier. The essential thing was to renew my mind. That my friends was my first step to a healthier journey.
QUESTION • Do you have a Vision Board? Have you thought about the relationship between the renewed mind and a healthier lifestyle? What are your thoughts on that?
Paulistana na Califórnia said...

Hi Cintia!
I needed to read a post like that today! I had a vision board a few months ago and it really helped me to see my goal and where I wanted to be. But it also worked against me when the holidays came and I started to move away from my goals, what discouraged me a lot!
I am trying to learn how to have a better and healthy life style and all your tips are being great to me! Thank you for sharing it! Keep going and you will reach your goal, like my friend always says and you put in your post: Slowly but surely :-)
Have a wonderful week!