Weight Loss after Baby: Part 2

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stats are another way of telling my health story. I heard a wise person say that "You cannot Multiply what you will not Measure. You cannot measure what you will not Manage." Stats are a way to manage my weight. The scale is not my only way of measuring progress. I measure progress by making sure I meet the goals listed on my Vision Board. This extra weight is leaving and it seems painfully slow at times but I encourage myself with all the things I am gaining: strength, endurance, experience, health. I hope to encourage you to take some time to take care of yourself and achieve your health goals. Here are my stats:

Baby #1 (April 2009): 
Starting weight: 145 lbs
@ 9 months of Pregnancy: 195 lbs
April/May of 2009
Baby #2 (July 2010): 
Starting weight: 190 lbs
@ 9 months of Pregnancy: 216 lbs
Final Weight: 156 lbs (Before & After Photos)
May of 2011
Baby #3 (June 2012):
Starting Weight: 165 lbs
@ 9 months of Pregnancy: 194 lbs
Weight on 8/28/12: 170.8 lbs
Current Weight: 156.6 lbs 

Today I was able to receive my first weight loss reward for the year:
 Here's what I splurged on:
I highly enjoy writing. I write in a lot of journals and I enjoy sending cards and letters, so this will be put to good use.
My ultimate goal is to arrive at a healthy BMI. While I don't get there, I am aiming at my next small goal and I am also aiming at signing up for my first 10K.

QUESTION: If indeed "You cannot Multiply what you will not Measure and You cannot measure what you will not Manage," how are your health management skills?

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Disclaimer: This journey is a process, not an event. Weight loss is not my full-time job. I'm a wife and mother first. Still, I am working on being a healthier wife and mother. In this journey I make many mistakes and learn from them. I am humbled by God's grace which empowers me to succeed. My hope is that you find encouragement to take small steps towards being a healthier you. There's only One who's perfect so I pressed towards the calling I have in God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.