5 steps to Living on One Income

Friday, May 10, 2013

Motherhood is a beautiful blessing. A lot of us come to the decision to be Stay-at-home Moms (SAHM) and each one of us has a different perspective. If you are thinking about making the same choice, here are 5 steps to take into consideration:

1 • It's a Family Decision - I understand that generations before us made the same decision but it is important for a husband and wife to be united as a family in their choice. The Bible says that there is blessing, life and anointing in unity.
2 • What is your Reason - Go ahead and write your Mission Statement! Your reason to be a SAHM will guide you all your days. I believe it will also help you when you are asked why you made such a choice as a family.
3 • Work that Budget - Going from two incomes to one is no joke and it helps to be prepared. Don't be afraid to ask for help (whatever that means to you) and be mindful to cut the extras. Afterall, you can't spend like you did before. I highly recommend Crown Financial Ministries or Financial Peace University.
4 • Find Community - Connecting with women in the same season of life as you are is very important. No matter what you do, do not be isolated. Some SAHM go back to school, others find Bible Studies to attend. Community is the support you need. They will embrace you, encourage you and support you on your Mission Statement.
5 • Reevaluate - A lot of women choose to be SAHM for just a season. It's worth evaluating your Family Decision with your husband every so often. The goal is to find unity in your decision.
I pray that these 5 steps have helped you think about your decision. Here's a cutesy video of my kiddos and I. Enjoy!
Anonymous said...

Oh, this is really a cute video! Thank you!

Amanda said...

So wise my friend. Amei o vídeo!