The Indistinguishable Essence of Motherhood

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Motherhood is such an all-embracing entity. This universal experience is old as Eve, while new as a first time mom. Mothers are different but the indistinguishable essence of motherhood is the same. If you can compile it in one word, you'll come up with LOVE.

Thanks to Anna Jarvis, we've been observing Mother's Day in the US for around 105 years. Because of her persistence, members of Congress designated the second Sunday in May as the day to honor these amazing human beings we call Mothers.

But who is she? There are over 85.4 million Mothers in the United States. 5 million are stay-at-home Mothers. 10 million, single Mothers. All of us share the amazing joy of having someone to call 'my child.' 

Mothers are young, Mothers are elderly. Mothers are from every ethnic background. Mothers are admirable. Whether biological or adoptive, these women are strong human beings. Mothers share the familiarity of welcoming children into their lives and immediately nurturing them. There is no limit to what they would do for their heirs because of Love. 

Today I want to praise all Mothers and say they are blessed and excellent. May God's perfect Love surround you today and every day of your life. Happy Mother's Day!

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