Green 6.2 Race Recap

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I am so excited to have ran my first Texas race! I chose the Green 6.2 because it was a longer distance for me and it seemed like a great fitness challenge.
I love you Zeke!
Training: I started by building a good running base which to me it means running in the pavement at least once a week for at least 3 miles. I increased my mileage as race day drew closer. The most I ran before the big day were 5 miles and I rested the day before the race. I tried to eat my usual foods the day before the race to avoid gut issues. I got a lot of quality sleep because I wasn't as nervous which allowed me to rest very well the night before.
Race Day: My husband, my older sister and I left home early and headed to City Centre in Houston. The only time I got nervous was when I put my foot on the floor after we parked the car. I told myself: "don't get nervous, don't get nervous, don't get nervous" and that did the trick.
We did it! What a joy!
The Course: We ran the area around City Centre which is really beautiful. There were a few spectators along the way, mostly parents with small kids. We ran through Gessner Road which was pretty cool cause it goes all the way through my neighborhood. The course was very flat for this former Western North Carolina runner. If you want to PR, this is the race for you! I was thanking God the whole way for this amazing opportunity. Crossing the finishing line was a big party for me as you can see in this picture.
My photo booth picture 
The After Party: I tell some of my friends that I run for the bagels. Because there was no cream cheese in sight, we took our finisher medal, some cold water, a banana and headed over to get our finisher t-shirt. I love race swag because it's a reminder of this incredible accomplishment. The awesome organizers gave us free photos of ourselves through a photo booth, which was pretty cool. We also had a chance to check out other sponsor booths. We got a free tree in this race. I am yet to plant mine but the kids and I will take care of that today.
Conclusion: I will always remember the Green 6.2 race as my happy race. I have been running for 6 years, this was my 6th race where I covered 6.2 miles. It was also great to have my husband and sister with me to celebrate. We went to La Madelaine afterwards for breakfast. I wasn't too sore after this race, which was also good cause I had to keep up with the kids at home. I am looking forward to running other races and signing up for my next big challenge as well as helping others along the way. As always I am thankful for my family who kept my kids while I ran this race and I am very thankful for my husband Zeke who supports me while I train and complete every race! Almost forgot about telling you my Official Time, which was 1:05:28.3. I didn't do speed training, my goal was to be sure I covered the distance, so I was really excited to hear about my time.
Question: Have you thought about running a 10K? What questions do you have about the whole process? I'd love to answer them for you!
I did it and YOU CAN do it too!
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KW said...

Great post. You are too cute. I completely forgot to cover the course. I meant to when talking about the lady trying to get in her driveway, but just plum forgot.

Congrats on your time. Wow! I love it.

I'm not sure when my next 10k will be (know for sure the Galveston Sand Crab 10k in September). I have a 5k this week and possibly a half marathon in July (eek).

We should meet up to run and maybe you can help me get faster.

Paulistana na Califórnia said...

Congratulations! I was in doubt if I should go run this morning and your post was an inspiration to put my shoes and get out of the door! I love to run but never had the courage to sign up for a race, maybe I will do that later in the year, it is something that I do for fun but I would like to be more serious about it.
I loved the pictures and your T-shirt I have one that it is exactly the same!!!!!
Congratulations again and thank you so much for inspiring me again with your kind and encouraging words.

Lauren said...

Hi Cintia! Great recap, and great job on the race - that heat/humidity was rough!

LifenotesEncouragement said...

That's great and a great time!
I have a thing - that I don't pay to run (my money goes to other things - I got kids in college!), anyhow I just may have to enter a race this year.

jaime said...

Congratulations on your race! I love that you got a medal (I don't think I've ever run a 10k that involved a medal, and I think that's just sad.) I ran the Nike half in DC this past weekend. AMAZING race and SO much fun. I just wanted to have as much fun as I possibly could with two of my friends and we succeeded. :)