About Incredible Dads

Friday, June 14, 2013

I have been blessed to have incredible fathers in my life. My view of what fatherhood is has changed and what has stayed is nothing but love and honor for these three men. I want to share how my father, my father-in-law and my husband enrich our lives.
My father, José Magalhães holding me as a newborn in 1980
My dad (I actually call him Pai because we're Brazilian) has always blessed me in different ways. I can go to him for wise advice and for an endless supply of encouragement. He is always, always pushing me to achieve more and dream more. I really thank God for that attribute in my father. My father is also the one who taught me by example how to seek God and rely on Him for pretty much everything in life. Father's Day in Brasil is not until August but honor should never wait.
My father-in-law's 2009 visit. My son was around 3 months.
I think my late father-in-law was incredible because he raised my incredible husband. Mr. Frank was so happy and proud to be a grandfather. It was actually a joy to share the news that we were expecting. He was so happy he didn't know what to do! I always enjoyed my conversations with him because I received caring words of advice. One of the last things he told my husband is how proud he was of him. I know he would be pleased to see what a great father Zeke is.   
My husband holding our kids
I like Zeke's approach to fatherhood. He never read a manual about being a father but he does such a great job. He's moved by love and he takes pleasure in just being with our kids. He sees parenting as something we do together which makes his contributions as a father very important. I see God's heart when I see my husband interact with our children. I also see Zeke always trying to be better so he can lead better. 

This year it won't be about the gifts (partly because we can't beat the gift he got last year) per say but it will be about celebrating the richness fatherhood adds to our lives. I am thankful for natural and spiritual fathers. I am thankful for father figures. I am thankful to God for being the perfect Father whose love and compassions never fail. Happy Father's Day!

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