Beyond the 4 Walls

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I enjoy being in the presence of God. I enjoy the ministry and fellowship with other believers. What I can't escape is Jesus' great commission to believers to
I believe that all the lessons we learn in this amazing place are to be lived and spread outside of its four walls. If I don't do that, the place becomes an exclusive club. I don't think that's what Jesus was thinking about when He gave the great commission.
I believe in church attendance. The days we are at church are my favorite days of the week. I enjoy worshipping God, learning more about the Bible, praying and receiving prayer. I try my best not to make church a place to socialize because my husband's job and ministry requires us to fit 4 services plus 1 rehearsal in 2 days. Put 3 preschool kids in the mix and you have one busy mamãe! My friends and I make time to connect outside of church and that is just lovely. This year for example, a group of us decided to meet to have dinner every other month and it has been awesome. We really have time to  catch up so when we see each other at church we know we have a deeper relationship than Hi and Bye. I love that church can be the basis for deeper friendships. 
Today when I go to church I will be seeking the transforming presence of God and I hope to be so filled with it that I can share it with others. I also hope to always remember Jesus' amazing commission an take what I learn outside of the church til the ends of the earth.
QUESTION: How do you practice the Great Commission?