Sermon Notes: Display

Monday, June 10, 2013

We had a guest speaker yesterday that brought us a very powerful message. He based it on Luke 5:17-26 and focused on the very last part that says "We have seen strange things today!" Indeed, everywhere Jesus went "strange" things were bound to happen. 
He said "strange" could be translated as the unusual, remarkable, things we can hardly believe, a paradox. 
The church should always display the power of God the the world. He took it a little further and asked, "What do you display?" This was a very important question. My hope is that I display the love that Jesus said we (Christians) should be known for. If you think about it, we all display something. Our personal displays are the fruit of our inner life. No matter how much makeup you put into it, your display is legit. When I think of Jesus' display, I think of a display of love, obedience and compassion. 
The last thing that I want to share is "when you put something in the hand of God it becomes supernatural." I have experienced that in my own life and I hope to continue to do that. What I mean is that I am very limited in my own strength but when I surrender to Almighty God, He can do supernatural, unusual things through and for me. You can watch the video of yesterday's sermon on Vimeo, it should be up in a few days.
Action Item: Take a personal inventory and find out what exactly you are displaying. 

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