Education and Weight Loss

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Education has positively influenced my nutritional choices through the years and greatly improved my health. The Bible says that the lack of knowledge causes people to be destroyed (Hosea 4:6) and I lived through that. I once did not possess the knowledge to make better choices for myself so fitness and nutrition education has laid a foundation for better health. 
According to a Food and Nutrition Service report, effective nutrition education facilitates skill building to facilitate positive behavior change. It helps you select and consume healthy and enjoyable foods by improving awareness, skills, and motivation to take action at home, school and work.
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I was once part of a program called Real Life Weight Loss which was really a class on nutrition and behavior change. I was taught what my body needed to function when it came to the amount of Protein, Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Dairy, healthy oils, Sugar/Fats and Water. Knowing what I needed stopped my need to jump in the latest weight loss craze. Once my mind was renewed, I was able to focus on educating myself on the best choices for me. I remember learning about topics from the density of foods   to how to make better food choices in stressful times. Education was the key to my health success.
Once I'm done losing weight, I will still need to be educated about nutrition. In order to have a body that gives me the best results as far as wellness, I need to continue to make the best choices in nutrition and exercise.

I can truly say that thanks to God, I am able to make healthy choices in most places I go to. Education has a lot to do with that. I learned to look at my choices, think about what my body needs and eat just that. For example, in the beginning of the day, after a hard workout, I know I need to replace a bunch of things my body just used while working out. Through education I know that oatmeal with blueberries with a little bit of peanut butter is a great choice for me.
My challenge and encouragement for the day is that you become your own fitness and nutrition expert through education.

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