Marathon Success Week 4

Saturday, July 20, 2013

In less than 6 months I will be running and finishing the Chevron Houston Marathon. I have been training officially for one month! I think this occasion deserves a commemoratory sign, doesn't it?
You might see me wearing this T-shirt one day
It would be awesome to have a t-shirt with this. Let me talk to my sponsors and we'll see. This week my trainer suggested that I back down in my mileage so I did. I'm always excited about "short" runs. The thing is that the day of my long run I thought I had a meeting and ended up 2 miles short. Not too bad of a problem to have. I experimented with listening to different Podcasts this week. I noticed that some runners don't run with music but I'm not one of them. I actually switched from music to Podcasts a while ago. I feel that instead of listening to myself breath I better learn something. I've heard of runners listening to audio books and I plan on doing that one day. Here's an update for you:
Action Items:
Find a Hydration Vest - found a Nathan hydration belt on sale. God is good!
Can't wait to have a long run to try this out!
Complete Cross training - two more  to go. I will not dread. I will not dread. I will not dread.
Eat the correct amount of nutrients - I've been really paying attention to this and it's paying off.
List non-food rewards - still a not yet.
Sign up for a 30K - praying about the money to run this race. God will provide without a doubt!

Another cool thing that happened this week is I got new running shoes. I haven't bought a pair since 2011. The one I've been using a friend of mine found in the Goodwill and gave it to me. I was really thankful cause my old shoes were dissolving and I needed something else to run on so I actually prayed about new shoes. I'm thankful to God for new running shoes and I plan on alternating them so they'll last a bit longer than usual - I heard about this alternating trick at Marathon Training Academy Podcast.
While at the running store I tried on different shoes and I hate to say it but I was really bias to Asics. The store clerk also reminded me about their free weekly running group. I am highly considering joining them. A group is just what I need for encouragement and advice. I'd love to meet other runners as well.
I am praying that God will help me to be persistent and effective in my training next week. I appreciate your encouragement and your prayers my friends! Let's press on and run on towards our goals. God is on our side.

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Lauren said...

Wow is it really only 6 months away?! Goodness, it's coming fast. Keep up the great work!

jaime said...

I love my Asics running shoes. I've been running in them for years and hate to change brands (though I do replace my shoes after a full marathon or after a couple of half marathons.)

I recommend buying some Body Glide, especially for the long runs. It really helped me with chafing. I have a similar fuel belt (it only had two bottles) and I did chafe a lot on my waist with the belt, if I didn't use the Body Glide. (I think Vaseline might also work, but it's a little more messy.)

Great job, though! I'm so excited for you!