The Rewards of Trust

Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm still thinking about Beauty and Faithfulness. Yesterday I had a little time off and read a little bit more on what it means to trust God. It turns out there are many blessings attached to trust.
My Scripture Study Journal 
The study of the Bible has been a life saver. I find shelter for my storms, comfort and peace. God's way is better than mine so I know I need to stick with the Bible if I'm going to live a peaceful life. Yesterday I was thinking about how I must stay focused in the Word of God and even tweeted about it. This is one of my friends told me:

My friends are funny
Super funny hum? Today I am encouraged to discover even more rewards of putting my trust in God. Yesterday I realized that in order to fully enjoy the benefits of Trust in God I need to drop my heavy burden. Matthew 11:28-30 says that rest and gentleness are mine when I trust God to take care of me. I'm determined to keep my nose in the Bible AND practice the good stuff I see there in order to get to that sweet place of Peaceful Trust.