4 Easy Ways to Find Time to Exercise

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Time is such an interesting thing. God in His infinite wisdom gave us all the same 24 hours per day. If you would like to have a healthier life and want to include exercise in your schedule, here are 4 ways to do it: 
1. Cut Down on Online Games - I've had my share of Angry Birds so I know how addictive Gaming can be. If you play your game of choice whenever you have a chance, you can replace some of that time with exercising which will help you manage your weight. 
2. Cut Down on Reality TV -  how many reality TV shows do you watch? If you simply cut down on your current consumption you can redirect that time into doing something that will combat health conditions and diseases. Notice I said 'cut down' because it's not realistic to say 'just stop watching TV.' The goal is to make sure that you are not spending more time on Reality TV than in your own life. 
3. Mindless Internet Browsing - Browsing different websites can be such an unfruitful activity. What if you invest those 15 minutes into something that will improve your mood? Exercise is that powerful. The more committed you are to it, the more your health will benefit. 
4. Schedule it in - Putting exercise in your schedule is a great way to be sure you commit to this great habit. Whether you sign up to a group exercise class or your decide to take a 30-minute walk, keep this very important appointment! If you have a busy schedule, you will really appreciate the energy boosting power of exercise. It's totally worth the effort my friend!

If you need even more help convincing your mind that making time to exercise is the way to go, try to set up some Visual Reminders. Here are 2 of 5 I have around my house: 
Goal Weight as a Visual 
I used baby food jars and rocks for a visual of "Pounds Lost" and "Pounds to Go." These jars are a powerful way to show me how far I've come as well as why I still need to keep going. It's also fun to see the "Pounds to Go" jar getting empty.
This has to be my favorite Visual Reminder:
Making time for exercise has many benefits!
Waking up before most people is not easy but looking at a pile of clothes that are too big for me makes the journey worth it. This is a powerful visual that really motivates me to keep going. No matter how difficult or inconvenient in the beginning, exercising offers so many lifelong benefits! There is still plenty time for you to include more exercise in your calendar. Do it now!

Reflect and Respond:
• What hinders you from exercising?
• What daily habits can you substitute with exercising?
• What are some visual cues that would work for you?