Marathon Success: Week 10

Friday, August 30, 2013

141 days til the big day. I trained in the rain for the first time this week! That's a great thing because I read that it rained during this year's Houston Marathon. Thankfully I was kind of ready for it. I was armed with my sandwich bag so my Garmin & I were okay during that heavy rain. 
Say what you want, these sandwich
bags are handy! I have a dry Garmin :)
The rain was pretty heavy and I didn't take my hat, which meant I practiced some great breathing techniques! The rain never stopped but by the last 3 miles it wasn't as strong. I actually enjoyed the experience. I also had to run without my earphones which meant I had time to pray and think about stuff.
Day 2 of training was tough. It seems that the later I leave the house, the more difficult training is. I was thankful when the distance was over and I learned that being faithful to the time I schedule with myself is very wise.
My long run for the week was today. It was supposed to be tomorrow but why wait right? I like to start early and finish early so I can have the whole day to myself while avoiding high temps. Here are other updates:

1. Nutrition - I had a bad dinner earlier this week. I ate out and there were lots of simple carbs. The lesson learned is to eat very little of the stuff I'm used to and NOT overdo it at all. I definately controlled myself the rest of the week as well as added more fresh fruits and vegetables to my plate. Eating bad does not help me at all!
2. Non-food Rewards - I'm thinking I'll buy a plant or two to reward myself for next week's long run. This week I'm rewarding myself with the usual mani/pedi.
3. 30K Signup - we're still working on it! Money is what we need to sign up so we'll keep saving.
4. Hydration - I did okay this week. I actually need to drink way more than I've had today. I'm going to buy some extra water battles just to have them in different places. I need a lot of water and making it easier to drink is the name of the game.
5. Cross Training - I started a new plan this week and my muscles got the message. Looking at it on paper was totally different than actually doing the new stuff. I actually like it. Our trainer added a few different things and I can say it's working: I'm getting stronger and it's helping my endurance.

I'll be back in a month with this series friends! Hopefully I'll be faithfully following my "official" 16-week training plan by then. Thanks for reading!

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