Getting Ahead in 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013

If you keep living life the way you are now, what type of results will you get decades from now? Let's think short term: what kind of results will you get at the end of the next 22 weeks? Now it's the perfect time to change some things or recalibrate the great things you have happening.  
There are 156 days til the end of 2013. How would you look if you were 22 pounds lighter? How would you feel if you could run 3 miles without stopping? How would your health benefit if you were drinking more water and being less angry?
Today I want to encourage you to think about the results you'd like to see in your life at the end of 2013 and start acting now. Here is an exercise that will help you. You can write this down and post it somewhere you can see daily:  

"By December 31, 2013 I would like to _______________ (list your goal). The obstacles I will most likely face are _________________. The people or organizations I need to work with in order to reach my goal are ____________________. This is how I plan to reach my goal ______________________ (write your plan of action). Here are all the benefits I will enjoy by reaching my goal _______________ (list all the benefits). Inspirational quote: ____________________ (Add an inspirational quote or verse at the end of your document.)"

I think that results scream louder than words. You have 22 weeks. YOU, yes, you my friend, have 156 days in order to reach your goal. Whether you'd like to read more, stop procrastinating or overcome unforgiveness, there is time and grace to change now. If like some of us you have many things you'd like to change, I'd start by choosing something that's impacting you more than the other things. I pray this post helped you. Leave me a comment and tell me which area of your life you hope to change now so by December 31st you will have the results you are hoping for.

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