Marathon Success Week 6

Saturday, August 3, 2013

My motto. 
I have been running for 5 years. I also had my 3 kids who are 4 and younger during those years. Running has been a work of steady progress, a labor of love and an act of resilience for me. I enjoy it and I am looking forward to finishing the Houston Marathon in 168 days. This is my 6th week training for the Marathon. My training guide doesn't officially start for 10 more weeks but I thought I'd get ahead by building my mileage and getting my body stronger. Here are a few updates on this week:
I ran with Zeke this week! Such a treat.
1. Nutrition - My weight is steady coming off (thanks to God and my husband who encourages me). I don't have any more carbs cravings because I've been adding more carbs to most of my meals. I don't believe in excluding any essential food groups although I was lowering my carb consumption on purpose for a couple of months. Change is great, especially when this runner needs the carbs to perform well.
2. Non-food Rewards - I gave myself a mani and a pedi for (almost) completing the training this week. I bought some new nail polish too, which was a fun thing to do. Next week I'm thinking about rewarding myself with a Downton Abbey Marathon. I'll most likely fall asleep as I often do when watching TV.
3. 30K Sign Up - still praying for the money to sign up. I'm not worried about it.
4. Hydration - I'm getting better at this although I totally sucked at it last Sunday. I drank too much coffee at church, forgot about it and drank some more at lunch and started sweating at a restaurant. I'm taking my huge bottle of water to church this Sunday to be sure I get most of the hydration I need.
5. Cross Training - I am yet to complete it. I'm think I'm gonna do it tomorrow afternoon. It's getting easier I must say. A few weeks ago I was so sore I thought about giving up completely. What I do is different exercises to strengthen my lower and upper body as well as my core plus the occasional spinning class. The Lower body circuit has been super challenging but great for me. I am seriously thinking about adding swimming to my cross training. I think I'll like cross training better if I do.
With God's help and the incredible support of my family, these next 10 weeks will build a strong base for my 'official' marathon training. I might even run a half just for the fun of it. We'll see!
So happy after my 10-miler today
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