Be True to your School

Thursday, September 5, 2013

This has been quite the busy week. The kids went back to preschool,  the ladies Bible Study I attend is back in session and MOPS will be back in session tomorrow. These 3 things were added to our already busy schedule with church, marathon training and all the other little things we do as a family. I tried not to be overwhelmed by looking at my schedule (it kinda worked). What I could not do was add more stuff to it. This week I had to go back to mastering the art of saying No, which has helped me. It seems like no matter how much you do, others are often trying to add to your plate.
I think that "being true to my school" means to know what my priorities are. My husband and kids are my priority and anything that takes away from them is not welcome in my schedule.
I hear Joyce Meyer say that she went to the School of the Holy Ghost, and I feel like I'm enrolled the same school right now. The lessons I am learning in this season are priceless. I think that when I look back I will smile if I pay attention to the priorities (family) God has given me in this season.
If you are in a different season from mine, your school might literally mean academics. Others might be completely committed to a promotion at work, so that's the school you need to focus on.
I believe that when you know what your priorities are it becomes easier to focus on your "school," do your work and graduate. I know I will never graduate from my family but I know for a fact that kids grow and become independent. They won't be my priority when they have kids of their own and at that point, God will have given my husband and I a different (and exciting) assignment.
My questions today are: 
• What is your school?
• What are your priorities?
• What can you say No to in order to be true to your school?