3 Books that helped my Marriage

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zeke and I have been married for 7 years (thank you Jesus) and I can honestly say that we have diligently worked on our marriage this entire time. When we got married we were surrounded by several people who are happily married and who constantly encouraged us to do what it takes to have a blessed and prosperous marital life.
We paid close attention to sermons at church and applied them to our relationship. We went for counseling several times and we still do. We also read some great books on marriage and that's what I wanted to share with you today. These are 3 books that helped us a lot:
The 5 Love Languages - This classic book by Dr. Gary Chapman helped me learn that I shouldn't demonstrate love the same way I want to be loved. I also got some great ideas on how to keep our relationship healthy and fun.
Making Marriage Work - I really appreciate the detail that Joyce Meyer gives in this book. It's not a short read but it's worth the time if you are trying to invest in your relationship. She has some unique insight on marriage and Christianity that I haven't heard anywhere else.
His Needs Her Needs - We read this book in the beginning of our marriage. It was also a very powerful awakening to me. It really makes it simple to understand how a spouse can invest in their relationship.
If I'm not reading about marriage, I make sure to be constantly listening Podcasts on marriage. I am a big fan of Marriage Today because their weekly topics are so relevant and easy to apply. I also enjoy listening to any podcast that has Dr. Les and Leslie Parrot as guests. Another favorite Podcast I often listen to is Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg's. They are really knowledgeable and I find their advice really solid and doable.
I heard that most things worth having require hard work and a healthy marriage relationship requires lots of hard work and dedication. Just a clarification: I'm a reader so there's no such thing as both of us sitting, sipping on coffee and reading books together. My husband reads (or listens to) books on his own time and we come together and talk about different things. What I've learned is that the more I allow God to change me, the better my marriage becomes. I focus on what I can do and trust God to do the rest. There's no such thing as a perfect marriage (mine certainly isn't) but I believe that marriages can be as healthy as the people in them.
I pray that today posts have given you an idea of different books or podcasts you can use to improve your marriage relationship.
• What can I do today to improve my marriage?