Marathon Success: Week 14

Friday, September 27, 2013

"If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon." 
Emil Zatopek

This past month I have experienced a lot of great things in the form of blessings on my way to the finish line of the Chevron Houston Marathon. I have 14 weeks down and 16 to go which means I'm almost at the half point of my training. Here are the 5 lessons I've learned along the way:

1. Build your Running Base - this is one of the best advices I've heard at Marathon Training Academy. If you ever want to get into long distance running, build your running base first. I worked on building my running basis as soon as I recovered from my c-section in June of 2012 and kept running from there.

2. Hydrate like a Champ - Drinking water is a big part of my training. A good friend of mine who's a trainer encouraged me to increase the amount of water I drink daily and I can honestly say I have experienced an improvement in the way I feel overall. If I wait to hydrate after a run, it's usually too late. Every day I am challenged to drink a certain amount of water and my goal is to keep doing that for a long time.

3. Experience Different types of Weather - this year's Chevron Houston Marathon was rainy, cold and windy. Thus far I have experienced running in the heat and in the rain. It is important to remember that the weather might not be 'perfect' on race day, thus, I need to train in all kinds of weather available.
My first (official) run with USA Fit was super wet but fun! 

4. Support is Sweet - God blessed me with a membership to my local USA Fit chapter. I have never been so excited about running! I trained 12 weeks on my own, crashed one of their runs (well, a few of the members invited me to join them) and officially joined them last Saturday. Being a part of a running group feels like I am part of a race every weekend. I also like the support I have from people who have the same goal as I. I am very thankful to God, my husband and USA Fit for this blessing. I am looking forward to increasing my mileage and seeing some of my running buddies at the finish line in January.

5. Train your Mind too - I have benefited from the transforming power of a positive mind in different areas of my life so running is no different. My mind is at work before during and after my runs. I have positive affirmations that are tailored to my marathon running. The training of my mind consists of me rehearsing truths I want to come to reality such as:
• I run strong;
• I will finish the Chevron Houston Marathon in 4 hours or less;
• I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me;
• I run injury-free;
The training of my mind also consists of listening to Podcasts that have a positive (and injury-free) approach to marathon training such as Marathon Training Academy. I have a marathon to finish and my mind is a big part of the training. I heard marathons are conquered in the mind before the feet cross the finish line.

I hope that these lessons have helped you have a small window into my training. Have a great weekend my friend!

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Anonymous said...

I'm must be running-ignorant, Cintia. Educate me! What is a running base?

Cintia Listenbee said...

What they mean by having a 'running base' means you're able to run between 45-90 minutes for a couple of months.