Raspberry Leaf Tea: the PMS Experiment

Monday, September 30, 2013

The results are in! I conducted an unscientific experiment with my PMS to see how I could get some relief. I drank raspberry leaf tea to see if I noticed an improvement on how I felt. Here are the details:

Tea does not make dishes magically disappear!

Flavor: Raspberry Leaf Tea has a mild flavor. I took mine without any sweetener. I'm a tea person so it was actually a treat. I took only one cup per day.
When: I usually drank it in the afternoon when I ran out of coffee :)
Results: I didn't notice any direct results from drinking the tea but my PMS was much milder this month why? I was busier. 
I'm usually a busy person (3 preschoolers, hello?) but during the time of the experiment I had a lot going on. From activities with my family to a blog conference and fashion show, my schedule was a bit fuller this month. I had no time to fully feel the side effects of PMS. If I had a headache, I took medicine. If I was tired, I rested. Because I blogged about it I had the support of my friends so there were plenty opportunities to talk about it.
The biggest lesson for me is that no one needs to suffer because of my hormone changes, including me. It's okay to have feelings but it's wrong to be rude to others. It's okay to be sensitive but it's not okay to expect that the world stops because of me. I guess it is wise to learn how to deal with these normal hormonal changes and find the good in it. For one, I had the privilege of chatting about it with friends who are in the same boat as myself. We'd been pregnant for so long that PMS was the weirdest thing ever. 
Thanks for reading! 
Tomorrow I'll have a video on how to succeed through the ups and downs of weight loss. Don't miss it!