Honey Stinger Products Review

Friday, October 25, 2013

Honey Stringer Products
I'm always looking for great products and I think *I found something really good I want to share with you! Honey Singer makes great energy and protein bars, waffles, gels and chews that are all-natural. Last week I tried four of their products and here's what I really thought of them: 
Organic Waffles - I'm gonna be honest: I didn't have a lot of faith in these waffles until I ate them.  The lemon waffles are delicious! They are super moist, they are organic and they are a great snack if you're on the go. I had them as a snack during MomCon and they gave me some immediate energy to keep up with the busy schedule ahead of me. 
Organic Energy Chews - I took the Honey Stringer Organic Chews on two training runs and they worked great for me. I like their size: not to big, not too small. I like the taste but more importantly: there was no significant after taste! I blame it on the fact that these products are organic and I actually recognize the natural ingredients. 
Protein Bars - I love chocolate and I love cherries. More importantly, I love to be able to have a good source of protein available in the middle of the day when my energy is low and my kids' is very high. I purposely used the 10 grams of protein in these bars in a challenging part of my day to see if I got what it took to finish my day strong. It did help me a lot. I also ate a bar on the way to the airport because I had no time for breakfast. The 10 grams of protein in this bar gave me fantastic energy and they also passed the taste test. 
Energy Bars - I enjoy the fact that I know a lot of the ingredients that went into the Blueberry Buzz energy bar. They taste amazing because of the light and crisp texture supported by the yogurt coated bottom. I honestly could have these daily! They are that delicious. 
This protein bar saved my afternoon!
Whether you are an athlete or if your kids are the only ones giving you a run for your money, I highly recommend Honey Stringer products. Everyone needs energy, no matter how active they are. These products have great quality in nutrition and taste exquisitely good.
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* Thanks Honey Stringer for sending me your products for review. You have a lifelong customer now!