Marathon Training Success: Week 19

Monday, October 28, 2013

82 Days to go! In a little less than 12 weeks I will be done with this phase of training and on to accomplishing the goal of completing the Houston Marathon. Quite exciting! Let me tell you about something that has made recovering from long runs so great: compression leg sleeves!
Aren't they glorious? My legs think so!
The kids and I went to one of our local runnings stores where they measured the thickest part of my calves as well as the length of my lower leg to be sure I got the right fit. As soon as I got in the car I put them on. I promise I heard my legs screaming "THANK YOU!" Compression sleeves or socks help increase circulation and without getting all scientific on you, they make recover much easier. Let's say I feel more like a human being the day after my long runs. Here are other updates:
• I mistakenly ran 14 miles in a week I was supposed to cut back to 11. I have fixed that by actually grabbing a hold of my complete running schedule (duh!). Yesterday several people in my running club ran the Houston Half (which is part of the Warm Up Series for the Houston Marathon) but I didn't do it. I ran the 13 with a couple buddies from the running club on Saturday. My time actually improved cause my buddy was really encouraging me to "put my head down and run." I often slow down at the end of my runs so her encouragement was essential. 
• As far as training goes, I'm still running 3 times a week and cross training twice a week. Of course last week cross training wasn't as product except for the day I went to spinning. The plan is to work on my upper, lower body and abs this week. 
• Nutrition has been pretty balanced most days. I want to get back to drinking more water this week. Last week I didn't drink as much as I like to do so the plan is to get back in the habit this week. It is true that habits are formed by repeatedly doing something and they are lost the same way. Getting back to good habits is a challenge but something that can be done with some determination. 
I hope this series inspires you to action. My story is one of small steps. I have been taking small steps towards completing this marathon for the last 4 years to be honest with you. I started by training my mind. God blessed me to be at a season where I can train my body. I am thankful for this experience and I hope to encourage you enough so that you get out there and take better care of yourself. I don't believe everyone is supposed to run a marathon but we all have "marathon sized dreams." Yours might be different than mine but one thing is for sure: God is for you, you can totally do it! 
Thanks for coming in this journey with me. I appreciate your prayers for a strong finish as I make my way towards the start line of the Houston Marathon. I keep thinking that once I'm there, it will be a piece of cake. How come? Training is the majority of the process: race day is only 1%. 
QUESTION: How can YOU start on your 99%?

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Lauren said...

Compression sleeves are the BEST! I also find that ice baths help me a lot as well. Also, I signed up for the Woodlands Marathon next year and my training starts today!

Keep up the great work Cintia. I am enjoying reading about your journey to your marathon!