My Weekend in Instagram Photos

Monday, October 14, 2013

Zeke's Special Pumpkin Cake is the best!
• Zeke won second place at our church's Baking Competition (among Pastors and Deacons) for his Special Pumpkin Cake this weekend. Here's the recipe. He modified it a bit which made it even better!

He did it! He ran his first 5K 
Saturday Zeke ran his first 5K! I am proud of him and I am looking forward to celebrating this victory with him tomorrow.
The kids and I are in love with our local running store. Why? When they treat you AND your kids like royalty but they're really genuine about it, your local running store has customers for life. We had a great experience and my legs are saying THANKS A BUNCH for the compression sleeves we got. I'll do a review on those later.
These kids are the best. Here's a photo before church.
Here's a photo after. They always enjoy going to church. Sunday's are big working days for us and we stay at church for 6 hours. After all the services are over we usually head home for lunch and nap. Yesterday someone didn't want to nap so he got the privilege of doing homework in preparation for this week in pre-school.
He actually enjoyed it. Mostly cause he knew he was going to play when he got finished. Have an amazing week my friend!