How to Celebrate Zeke

Friday, November 29, 2013

It was the month of November, 10 years ago when I found Zeke and decided to throw him a big party. 
Zeke in Paris, September of 2008
Zeke needs to be celebrated for so many reasons. For one, everything he touches turns to gold. He has owned my heart in a matchless way. You see, I can no longer be the same. I am better because of him and I must celebrate that. 
Celebrating Zeke means I don't take him for granted. I am also aware that he needs to be celebrated daily. Why wait for one solitary date to be celebrated? 

Every day this family exists, we owe to he who first asked me will you. I had to say I do. I remember celebrating the beginning of the love of our lifetimes. It's unfair to stop right there, so I need to keep celebrating he who saw the future in my eyes.

Zeke in Houston, September 2011
I celebrate the small things such as the way he holds me tight. I'm reminded I'm his and there is security in this gentle gesture. I appreciate his wisdom and insight. I keep telling him I need to just do what he says and everything will be alright. 

dating years, married with little kids years
There aren't enough cakes that can be baked today to represent how much I want to appreciate you Zeke. What I am willing to do is to look up and thank the God who made you for being so amazing. How in the world a girl from Rio would ever imagine such joy and gladness? I couldn't. You are my exceedingly, abundantly above all that I could have asked and for that, I celebrate you today and always. Happy Birthday my love.
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