Marathon Success: Week 20

Monday, November 4, 2013

Life is not convenient. My training started 20 weeks ago and it was tough from the beginning. I am determined to push through the barriers and cross the finish line of the Houston Marathon January 19, 2014. Training last week was tough because I am trying to get back into a more balanced life. Here are three things that happened:

• I'm not a robot, so my hormones affect my life. I do feel great during and after my run but that only lasts for a little while. PMS week is not my favorite week to train but it needs to be done. Let's say THANK GOD this challenging week is gone!
• My compression sleeves have been great. I have also bought gloves because for the past 2 long runs my hands were ubber cold. I bought some cheap gloves I plan on keeping for a while.
• I bought a bright yellow long sleeve shirt and took it on a run today. Houston weather called and said 'not yet sister.' This place is still not cold enough for long sleeves but I'm glad I'm ready!
It's too hot for sleeves. Better prepared than not ready for the cold!

• The latest challenge for me has been comparison. It makes no sense but I'm comparing myself with others. Here are the facts: I will PR (PR means Personal Record); I am not competing with anyone in particular; I am doing my best; I don't want to get injured for overdoing stuff. I'm using these facts (other than the foundational truth that I am loved and accepted by God) to fight against the plague of comparison. By the way, here's a great resource if Comparison is a recurring problem for you.

My goal for this week is to keep training. One thing I will not do is to put more pressure on my knees by using free weights to do my lower body work. I did great getting back into my upper body routine (I actually changed it up a bit) but the weights for my lower body was a bit too much. Anything that hurts my long runs and my recovery is not worth doing it.
I appreciate your prayers for me friends! Have a blessed week!

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Lauren said...

Running through PMS week is always rough - especially with cramps and I tend to dehydrate much easier.

Keep up the great work! I am ready for long-sleeve run days too :0)

Unknown said...

I ran with long sleeves and pants this morning too...big mistake. Thank goodness for a tiny breeze. Back to short sleeves tomorrow. You are doing awesome...I wish I had time for weights.

KW said...

I hate PMS week. My old basketball coach told me once that exercise is good for it. I didn't believe it then, but I do just have to get motivated to do it.

Keep it up.