Marathon Success: Week 21

Monday, November 11, 2013

Another tough week of training down (thank God!). The good news are: not putting more weights on my lower body helped me greatly this week. I stopped comparing myself and that was also positive. I drank more water, which is always essential for the training. The bad news was that this week I was really stressed out. My paternal grandmother graduated around 6 weeks ago and now my maternal grandmother is in the hospital. One of my goals is to manage stress well and this week I can say it was an uphill battle. Take all of the Christian cliches away because I know them all and probably came up with some new ones. My situation sucks and the only hope I have is in the name of the Lord. My solution for stress last week other than praying, was to be open to my close friends about it. I texted a few people and asked for prayers, I went to the gym to work out with a friend and I went out to lunch with another friend. My husband has been incredibly graceful during this time, which has also been great. I appreciate your prayers for my family during this time. We have hope but you gotta admit, the whole thing sucks. 
It is my desire to be transparent with you about every part of my training process. Last week I gained 3 pounds. I haven't been tracking my food, I have been indulging and the only intact thing is the exercise part. There it is folk: you can GAIN weight while training for a marathon. My goal and desire is to reach my goal of a healthy BMI by December 31, 2013. It will be a lot of work but I am determined to start the new year with a new health goal.  
My weight loss (and gain) thus far. 
Running 15 miles for my long run has the risk of making me feel entitled to eat whatever I want. Because I am working on being healthier and stronger to handle 26 miles in 9 weeks, I must go for the best nutrition most of the time.
My numbers are not saying a lot of things such as:
1 • I gain weight when I don't track.
2 • Stress helps me gain weight
3 • Being busy helps me gain weight
4 • I'm determined to be accountable, so I will weigh in and keep pushing towards my goal of a healthy BMI.
5 • I don't run to lose weight but it sure helps
6 • I am NOT what I weigh.
My goal for this week is to train smart (put on the miles as well as the resistance training), rest well (which has helped me with the stress monster), drink water and track everything I eat.
I appreciate your prayers for my dear grandmother as well as for my family during this difficult time. I know God is near. Have a blessed day filled with Hope!

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jaime said...

I'm definitely praying for your grandmother and your family members. I hope this next week brings a little more peace for you.