Last Minute Preparation

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last minute shopping: guilty as charged! Why do I always wait till the very last minute? Each year presents its perfectly understandable excuses. I am one of the thousands out there trying to get a parking spot in the mall. I am the one out there trying to get my items at the very last minute and somehow I am still able to celebrate Christmas. While I get to prepare for Christmas the last minute possible, God had planned the first Christmas a long time ago. People were eagerly expecting it. I'm glad that God is not a last minute shopper. He prepared His amazing plan for us way before we knew we needed it. As I think of the amazing Christmas story I am reminded of a God who's mindful of us and who cares for us. There's nothing last minute about His plan for you and I. While I hope not to be a last minute shopper next year, I can't make any promises. The good thing is that we all get to celebrate God's mindful provision for us this Christmas season. Whether you are a last minute shopper or you purchased all your goodies ahead of time, enjoy God's provision for you through Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas!

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