Marathon Success: Week 27

Monday, December 23, 2013

Most people take between 16 and 18 weeks to train for a marathon but as you can see I started way earlier than that. My goal was to build a strong running base then start building up the miles. This weekend we had our next to last super long run. We went for 17 miles. 
The funny thing was the weather: super hot and humid! My first short run was so cold and the second one was quite warm. Our group's running coach keeps reminding us that this may be the temperature on Marathon day. All we can do is train and wait. 
I am aware that it takes a strong reason to stick with marathon training. Each time I get out there I keep reminding myself of my "why." 
Christmas Party for Runners after our long run. 
Here are a few things I learned this past week:
A lot of Runners experience Aches and Pains - running is not easy on the body and most people have experienced some kind of ache or pain. The good thing is that you can find someone who can give you advice about what to do (or not to do) about your pain. They can also tell you who the best doctors are. It's important to run healthy and strong.
A lot of Runners want to Quit - when the going gets tough I'm one of the ones who says "what did I get myself into?" This is one of the millions thoughts you have until you get yourself together and keep going. I heard lots of talk about cutting down and doing half marathons cause they are way easier. Still, the important thing is to finish the goal of crossing that finish line.
We had prizes after the run last weekend. Cool!
Recovery is an unique part of the Process - everyone recovers differently. I learned that I need to take recovery seriously and not over train. This past week I cut down one cross training day just to be sure I was fit to face 17 mies and it worked. I'm one runner who never complains about days off.
Experienced Runners are Living Encyclopedias - Instead of going online, I have been talking to my coaches as well as with other experienced runners. I am benefiting from their vast wisdom, experience and encouragement. I was really touched by a running buddy who was encouraging me to train well and reach higher goals.
I would do it all over Again - as I approach the end of my training I believe I would do it again. Running has opened up a world I never knew before. I am learning persistence and discipline on a new level. I had to give up a lot (this would require a separate post) but it has been worth the effort. 

Training during the holidays is not easy but it has kept me in great shape. I pray that you have a great Christmas week and that you enjoy your day, no matter what you do! Now that I'm thinking about it, I might have a rest day on Christmas but I need to be sure I include some serious training this week as I will face my longest run thus far: 21 miles. Keep me in your prayer. My goal is to run injury-free and strong. Have a blessed Christmas week!

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