1,826 days

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Long days, short years is how the preschool years are wisely described. My oldest son has around 1,826 days in his pocket. 
My sweet kids at 3 months
 I write with thanksgiving because living is great. I am thankful that God has gifted us all with abundant life in order to live what we've been given.
That moment with the youngest speaks through her eyes.
 I'd be wealthier if I got money for every time someone told me "it goes by fast." My issue is with the spirit behind the statement. I don't entertain the spirit of fear so although I agree with the truth of this statement, I choose to live my life with power, love and a sound mind.
Strolling through town. Baby is in the '7th sleep'
As I look around me I see a lot of champion moms (such as mine) who have done what I am doing before. I'm sure my parents will agree that my preschool years went by really fast, especially cause they were baby bunching like crazy
Mothers Day 2013
My older sister and I are are 11 months apart and everyone else came around 2 years from each other. We grew up in a full, happy house filled with noise, music and the word of God.
My parents and us in 1980 Brasil.
I am aware that my kids will have a unique childhood of their own and I pray that one day they can look back as far as they can remember and see all the love we put into every day. 
Com Rexona sempre cabe mais um :)
I'm a person of prayer so I have been praying about my kids' future for a while. I am believing God that they will choose Him and His word as guidance for life. 
Mothers Day 2014. Funny faces are in yall.
At the end of the day, I was never in control of these 1,826 days of life but I serve a God who was and who will always be. Instead of dreading the quickness of these years I am choosing to have a thanksgiving party filled with joy and great expectations of a future of hope.
Instead of entertaining dread, fear and negativity, I am choosing thanksgiving, joy and celebration. Yeah it goes by fast so the more reason to throw a party.