2014 Goals Update 1

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dreams with deadlines are goals. I have learned that it is wise to revisit goals often to be sure I am moving forward. I almost forgot I already set goals for this year, so here's my update: 
2014 Goals Update:
 1 • Rebuild my running base in order to be always ready to run a half marathon - thanks to my running group I have been able to reach this goal. Except for the Green 6.2 we run between 8-11 miles for our long runs. I’ve gotten out there once and ran 13 just for the fun of it but that happened once.
 2 • Sign up for at least one marathon this year - I am registered for the Chicago Marathon. My goal is to finish strong and PR. I will rest for a bit then jump right into training for the Houston Marathon. These next 2 months are going to be the only ‘off’ time I have before these 2 marathons.
 3 • Arrive at a normal BMI - I’m not there yet but I am so close. I’m not giving up.
 4 • Break my PR for both a Half Marathon and a Marathon - I am training for this. I never ran a half marathon (I know!) so the plan is to beat my split from the Houston Marathon.
 5 • Inspire and motivate people who want to run - I hope I am helping you by sharing my journey with practical things that have helped me.

I can't sit back and wait until the last minute to do the hard work for Chicago, so I found myself more goals for the next 8 weeks:
1 • Arrive at a normal BMI - I am so ready to be done with this. Being leaner takes weight and pressure off my joints and helps me to get the PR I want in Chicago. It's not for vanity, it's for health and speed reasons. I'm also excited to have more energy to keep up with the kids.
 2 • Complete 24 cross training (core and strength) training days - This would put my cross training at 3 times a week. I am thinking about taking one cross cardio day away and adding core and upper body in its place. I better make this decision quick cause this party starts this week!
 3 • Hydrate daily - It's getting hotter and my miles are not gonna diminish. I need to be strict with my H2O consumption. I do okay but I'm not doing as well as I need.
4 • Run an average of 9:30 mile on tempo runs - this means I need to include tempo runs in my schedule. The only 'tempo' I have is the time I start and finish my runs. I'm close to having a 9:30 average but I'm not quite there yet. It'd be awesome to start the season with this as a solid number.
5 • Practice Visualization - I believe in visualization and I practice it but I haven't made the point to do it often. I'd say I visualize myself finishing the Chicago marathon at least once a week but I want to get serious about it before the season starts. I need to pick my mantra back up and add some visualization just to be sure that when the going gets tough my mind is way tougher.
I know that I'll be running Chicago before I know it. It's important to set goals and get in the habit of training smart. Planning is an important stage to achieving success and I am expecting God to continue to bless me on my way to one more finish line. 
I am counting on your prayers!
QUESTION: Did you set fitness goals for 2014? How often do you revisit them?
Lauren said...

Great idea to revisit goals. I may need to as well since I am sidelined for now due to my knee.

I am surprised to hear you haven't run a half marathon yet! I hope you snag that PR!

Cintia Listenbee said...

thanks for the constant encouragement! I haven't had a chance to run one especially cause most happen on Sundays. Last training season I opted for running a 30K instead of a half which was a huge thing for me. I'm sure I'll sign up for a half in the future.