On Garmin and Believing

Friday, May 16, 2014

I love my Garmin. I wear it often for many reasons. I haven't used it to its full capacity because we have so many more long runs to conquer together. Here's one picture of me showing off my 15 miles. In the bitter cold of last year's winter.
I love you Garmin.
I found this picture on Instagram and reposted it cause I thought it was hilarious! It says: "Want to go running... my Garmin is still locating satellites."
And that's why I get that baby going EARLY!
I didn't realize until recently that there are many watches made for fit minded people. While I'm excited about that variety and I am happy with the quality, longevity and results I am getting out of my Garmin. Zeke bought me mine when I was in NC around 5 years ago. I didn't know what a Garmin was until I got mine. I'm sure Zeke's thrilled that I turned out to be quite the runner so his investment is really paying off. I like the Garmin's ability to help me pace myself. I am working on achieving a consistent 9:30 pace so when I'm training by myself this beauty alerts me to I stay on target.
I also made sure that it alerts me when I have reached another mile just cause I like to see those things pile.
I like the Virtual Partner feature as well as the GPS. Knowing that I won't be lost is a big deal for me. In my running group I am the person you do NOT want to rely on for directions. I'm so bad I get people lost sometimes. Now you know why having a GPS is a big deal for me :)
I'm not that big in the calorie burning feature other watches have because I'm past that stage in my weight loss journey. I counted calories burned 7 years ago when I was trying to build the habit but now that it is well established and I exercise as a hobby, I just count the miles for training's sake.
I call my Garmin a "grandaddy Garmin" because there are newer models out there. I casually looked at mine online and noticed it is still worth a lot. I guess that's awesome!

This morning I posted the following thought with this photo: "The quality of my belief is reflected in the way I live."
I believe that the quality of your internal life is a direct result of your belief. I believe in the Word of God with everything I am and have. I pray that your have a secure and strong belief system my friend. Have a great weekend!