Summer Organization Tips for Mothers of Preschoolers

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Summer has started for my preschoolers! My philosophy is to have a daily structure that is flexible enough to feel like we’re still enjoying the season. This year we are having the second (really third) official year of Camp Listenbee. We thought of this name because last summer there were 5 kids in it, my 3 kids and my 2 sweet nieces. Looking back it was awesome so we’re gonna do it again. I’m flying solo this time: my mom is in Brazil with my sister who recently gave birth and my nieces are back at home. Having a cool summer is still a priority for us!

A winning Camp Listenbee activity from 2013.

Here’s how you can stay organized in your own Camp:

1 • Write down your goals - ours is to teach the theme “God is… my friend, with me, etc”; we also want to be sure that the kids are prepared for school in the Fall so we’re working on different things in that area; we also want to be sure we experience some great things we wouldn’t necessarily do in the school year. It’s important to start with the goal in mind mom.

2 • Write down a daily schedule - Ours start from wake up time and go to bed time. Writing down everything you plan to do helps with the daily routine. When  you have kids in different stages it also helps to know what the big kids will do while the little ones nap. I also like to know when I’ll have a break to do other essential things to camp life such as cleaning, cooking and preparing the kids’ next activities. I recommend posting the schedule somewhere you and the kids can see it often.

3 • Fill the schedule with different activities - I keep my ideas in my Pinterest board. I decide weekly what we are going to do and go from there. Having all activities prepared ahead of time saves time and makes transition time smoother. Check out my Listenbee Camp Pinterest Board for ideas for your preschoolers.

I didn't have a printer so I learn to draw. Thanks internet!
4 • Schedule Flexibility - Flexibility is key because things never go perfectly every single time. I also make sure that we don’t follow a strict schedule on weekends so we can rest and enjoy family activities. The weekends are also my time to regroup and plan for the following week of camp.
A weekday schedule.

The last thing I want to say is, please remember to take lots of photos. This summer is the childhood your kids will remember and it is fun to have photos to juggle these happy memories.

Questions: How do you plan your summer with preschoolers? Do you have any tips to make it easier and enjoyable?
Unknown said...

My kids had a blast at Camp Listenbee last summer. Thanks for all the hard work and play. I hope we can host in the near future :-)
Blessings to you and the family. I hope it is an awesome summer for you all.