Running, like most things in Life

Friday, May 30, 2014

Running, like most things in my life, didn't come naturally. I was overweight most of my life and only ran to escape from dogs. That's actually how I found out I could run.
Running, like most things in my life, started in my mind. I was surrounded by runners who loved 5Ks. I thought, I can do that too. I started my own walk/run program and ran my first 5K at 10 weeks of pregnancy with my first son. I learned that your mind needs to be the first one to sign the "I'm a runner" contract. Your body is sure to follow all the stipulations that way.
Green 6.2 race in 2013
Running, like most things in my life, changed with the seasons. There have been few times that it is 'convenient.' Because I want to keep its benefits, I have to be flexible yet impetuous about its place in my life. I learned that the benefits of running outweigh the inconvenience of the sport.
Running has taught me perseverance unlike most things in my life. I remember the first time I experienced such feeling. I was stepping into one of many unknowns of life and that tenacity I experienced during my run was the only thing that reminded me that I was a fighter.
Running, like most things in my life, is always teaching me lessons. The challenge for this student is to have the ears to hear the lesson in the material. 
Lauren said...

Very well said - running has taught me so much as well! I love how much stronger I am as an athlete and a person from being a runner.

Unknown said...

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