Monday, June 30, 2014

3 Strategies for Summer Marathon Training

Zeke and I are smiling cause we survived our
first run of the summer.
Training in the heat of the summer is not easy but possiblbe. These past few weeks I have been reminded by humidity and rain that training for a marathon is no joke. The sad thing is that I remember feeling so happy to build my miles for the Houston Marathon last year! I survived it once and I will manage to do it again. Here’s my simple plan:

Hydration • I need to drink plenty water daily, not just while I’m out there. I know for a fact that I run better when my body stays hydrated throughout the week. As I write this post, I am half way through my H2O goal for the day. It is imperative that I drink enough water each and every day. It makes me feel better overall and it will make my training safer.

Visualization When it’s hot at 5 a.m. and there’s no cool air to be found, I count on visualization to get me through my runs. I practice visualization before and during my runs. Step 1 is to write down my workouts for the week. Step 2 is to think about my workout and imagine (or see myself) running before I get out there and actually do it. This morning's visualization really got me through the run. I believe that because I wrote it down and visualized the run, it actually happened.

Goal • remembering what my goal is (to finish the Chicago & Houston marathons) always gets me out of the door. I have a lot invested in these races and it’s more than a monetary investment. The joy of taking small steps towards my goal really motivates me. Because of my personality, it means a lot to know that I am actually following my training plan. Having an end goal in mind is a great motivator during these heat intensive months.

For more tips on training in the heat of the summer please read this post at Marathon Training Academy.

QUESTION: What is your best tip for surviving the summer heat during your training?