Do Ordinary Things

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Much has been said and written about the extraordinary. Today I am reminded of what it takes to get there: the ordinary. Do not despise the ordinary for it is the basis for the extra. Be encouraged where you are and keep taking small steps towards your goal. Each ordinary step is the foundation for the extraordinary you seek.
Each training run, each rest day got me to the marathon finish I achieved. Each homework completed, each test led me to the Master's Degree I now have. Most of our days are filled with the ordinary so remember that they lead you to the extra you seek. 
Even as a stay-at-home mom changes diapers and cook meals, she is building the basis for an extraordinary life for her children. What you do today is someone's strong foundation. There is a hidden brightness about our everyday tasks and only those who can see beyond the ordinary perceive its value. 
Do know that what you are doing counts. Each phone call to a potential client. Each act of career enrichment. Each time you try and try again is such a foundation for the extraordinary. 
My encouragement for the day is to keep plowing that land. Keep sowing that seed. Harvest time is sweet but it is nothing without the previous preparation stages. 
There is value in the ordinary my friend. Don't you forget it.
Sistergirl said...

Amen!!! Sometimes people are discouraged that their life is so ordinary, like that is a bad thing. Its in the little accomplishments we can truly see the Lords handiwork.

Cintia Listenbee said...

thanks for the comment!