5 Epic Health Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Monday, June 2, 2014

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My health journey has never been perfect. The key has been to learn from my many mistakes. Here are the 5 most epic mistakes I've made so far and how I managed to fix them. 

Health Mistake Number 1: "If I work out it will mess up my hair" • I remember walking around with great hair and bad health my junior year of college. I learned that sacrificing a hair style is worth the benefits of good health. I learned to work with new hairstyles and still benefit fully from fitness.

Health Mistake Number 2. "I'll mess up today and I'll get back on plan tomorrow" • When a bad day of eating leads to a bad week or month, it's important to keep your mind on plan. I learned to accept my mistake by learning from it and immediately going back to my eating plan. I have also learned to include some of my favorite foods in my plan so I don't sabotage myself because of deep cravings.  

Health Mistake Number 3. "I'm too far gone to be fixed, working out is too much work now" - When you know your worth you will realize that today is the best time to start changing. When you know how valuable you are, you look beyond where you are towards your end goal. This vision will lead you and encourage to get through the difficult part of establishing a new habit. Once you get through that first challenge you're pretty much set!  

Health Mistake Number 4. "I'm too tired to cook dinner so I'll drive and grab fast food" • I learned that when it comes to food, I need to count the cost. I learned to count the calories of the meal and learned what kind of effect that would have in my body. That immediately changed my mind about being a regular at the drive thru. Recently I realized that $5 in the grocery store will buy me a $1 head of lettuce and $4 worth of nutritious food that I can quickly make and will give my body the highest quality of nutrients it needs. 

Health Mistake Number 5. "I'm stressed so I'll eat til I fall asleep" • this one is so tough it's taking quite a few years to turn it around. It's important to learn how to deal with stress without having to rely on food completely. For me, exercising works. Writing in my diary also works. It's important to find out what works for you and have it available when stress hits home. 

Question: What have you learned from your health mistakes?
Lauren said...

I admit I've fallen victim to #4. There are nights where I just don't feel like cooking, but my frugal side (knowing my weekly food budget) usually can trump my desire to get some fast food. It's amazing getting into a mindset of thinking that if I use that money to buy bad food, then I can't put it towards something I want even more, such as a new running outfit or towards my race budget!

ADRY CUNHA said...

Olá! Quanto tempo rsrsr!!
Estou passando por um tempo bem difícil de adaptação, pois mudei de emprego e comecei a minha faculdade, minha saúde tem sacrificado por isso, tenho ficado bem estressada com tudo isso, mas estou tentando voltar e rever meus conceitos!! Valeu pelas dicas!!