Thursday, June 5, 2014

National Running Day 2014

Yesterday was national running day. In order to celebrate I joined the online hype and went for a run.
It was super hot but I was glad to feel a little breeze out there. I was completely drenched by the end of it and happy to get 2 extra miles in. I planned for 6 but ended up with 8. A note about the day after swimming: my back and arms were sore. I was so pleased that swimming is going to work different muscles! Even my lower abs were feeling it. I'm planning on swimming once a week for a while.
The kids and I took a field trip and they were so excited to go swimming! My husband and I found a new Indian restaurant. I was impressed with this room. I can imagine all the great dancing they do here during parties.
 The food was the most excellent. I will be back again and again.
Just like I did last year, I put my name on the hat for the Houston Marathon. I entered the lottery and I will hear if I made it in June 23. I was hoping to run my first marathon last year and now I am working on running my second so Houston '15 will be my third. I remember telling myself, 'you have 29 weeks to prepare' and I took advantage of that time. It is good to be in the other side of one's dream but there are other mountains to climb. I believe God that this season will be a great one. It's always fun to start the Houston hype during National Running Day! I still have 6 weeks til the 'official' training for Chicago starts (we never stopped training according to our weekend running group) so I am focusing on adapting to the heat, staying hydrated and getting down to a better race weight.
As always I appreciate your prayers and encouragement as we focus on another marathon which will be the first one for 2015. When I cross that finish line I will have a better idea on how I want to space them - I'm considering a July one. Have an amazing day my friend!
Great Film:
Finding Strong is a film about the power of running. You'll love it!