5 Tips for Running on Vacation

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The details for our summer vacation were finalized, except my running plan. My main concern was where to go for my long runs. Here are 5 ways to get that long run in without having to sacrifice fitness during your vacation. 

1. Hit up the Treadmill - I traveled to Kansas City, Missouri to a MOPS Conference and I could not find anyone to join me in a run around town. The treadmill was my friend while I was there. The treadmill is stable, reliable and I know some superstars who put on double digits if that's their only option. When running outside is not possible, stick with the treadmill.

2. Ask your Local Friends - I'd say that was my first step. Locals know their town and they'll tell you where you should go. I got tips for great parks in TN with all types of mileage who were near me. All I had to do was try them out and see which ones I liked best. While in Memphis I even crashed a local running group (surprise! surprise!) and stayed with them for most of their mileage. Your friends should likely know where you should go or who you could talk to. 

3. Call the Local Running Store - my running buddies gave me this tip and I can say it works. I called a local running store and got invited to their Saturday run. The running community is like no other! I felt welcomed and I was sure that following them would be the best way to get my 15 miles safely and accurately. I can also tell you that running with a local running group is just like taking an insider's tour of the town you're visiting.

4. Look for Local Races - Signing up for a race is a sure way to get the miles in and have fun at the same time. Just search in one of the major race sites out there. Calling the local running store is also a good idea if they just happen to have a small race going on that mostly locals would know about.

5. Search for Local Bloggers - People blog about running (I know, don't be surprised). Local Runners who blog are a great resource for places to run, times and etc. They would also be very knowledgeable of trails, tracks and where all things running happen in their home base. 

I hope these tips have encouraged you not to give up on your fitness goals when you're out of town. There are safe ways to enjoy running when you are outside of your hometown. Run safe and stretch your horizons while traveling dear friends!
Lauren said...

I never thought about asking the local running store...great idea!!

Cintia Listenbee said...

I thought so too! My running group gave me this idea and it totally worked Lauren!

ADRY CUNHA said...

Oi, Cintia!!Estou treinando só no final de semana, não estou conseguindo acordar cedo na semana para treinar estou trabalhando e fazendo faculdade a noite. Falando a verdade estou com um pouco de medo dessa corrida rsrsr

Unknown said...

number THREE is a great idea!

Unknown said...

My hero! Loved how you got the run in on Monday while I looked after the kids. Glad to see you all over your Nashville visit! You are a blessing in your presence and your example. Be well. Vai con Deus.